E   truven health analytics answered: treatment of meningiomas will depend on the location and size of the tumors, and the signs and symptoms you are having. You may need any of the following: watchful waiting: watchful waiting may be all that is needed for meningiomas that are small and present in older people. viagra to buy online uk Your doctor may want you to have regular checkups and tests to see how your meningioma is doing. Cheap viagra viagra viagra Chemotherapy (chemo): chemotherapy treats cancer by killing tumor cells. It may also be used to shrink lymph nodes that have cancer in them. cheap viagra uk delivery Once the tumor is smaller, you may need surgery to cut out the rest of the cancer. viagra 10 mg vs 20 mg Endovascular embolization: endovascular embolization is a procedure that may be done before surgery. buy canadian viagra online today During an angiogram, a special tube is inserted into your groin in a blood vessel that goes to your brain. blue pill viagra for women When the artery that is supplying the meningioma is reached, a coil or glue is released. This creates an obstruction (blockage) that reduces or stops blood flow to the meningioma. Viagra brand 20 mg This will help to decrease the size of the tumor and may help decrease blood loss during surgery. Hormonal therapy: you may be given a hormone, called progesterone, for tumors that are not responding to surgery or radiation. These medicines may help shrink meningiomas that need estrogen for growth. nonprescription viagra Radiotherapy: this is a treatment using x-rays or gamma rays. viagra for sale Radiation kills tumors and keeps the cancer from spreading. Radiation may help decrease pain, control bleeding and shrink the tumor. generic viagra online Surgery: surgical treatment for meningiomas may depend on the person's age, condition and presence of other conditions, such as heart disease. viagra 10 mg farmacias ahorro The size, amount and location of the tumors is also important. Your doctor may open your skull to remove the tumor. He or she may also use a ct scan or mri pictures to do frameless stereotaxy. generic viagra pill Stereotaxy uses three-dimensional (3-d) pictures to help your doctor know the exact location of the tumor. It also helps your doctor guide special tools used during surgery. online to buy viagra or cialis Ask your doctor for more information about surgery for meningiomas. viagra to buy online uk Helpful? 0 person(s) found this helpful more related answ. Viagra for sale online australia cheap viagra online Wednesday, October 11, 2017 ..:: Home ::..   Login

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